How do I get into the &*^&*%* PDF I just bought?!

Okay, bit on the direction hobby publishing is going. If you are like me, you are buying a lot of new (or OP) books on sites like, they are cheaper than dead-tree books and you can copy out relevant bits for use in your games… or can you?

A lot of those PDFs come locked and you can’t get to the juicy bits to copy them. Well, fear not citizens! There is a great little utility called A-PDF Restrictions Remover, and it’s a steal at a mere $9.99! I have been using it for years on PDFs I’ve purchased from a variety of vendors and it has never failed to let me in to access the content anyway I please. After all, I paid for the the PDF, shouldn’t I be allowed to use it as I see fit? Don’t take my word for it, go to their site and download a free trial for yourself at


One thought on “How do I get into the &*^&*%* PDF I just bought?!

  1. Never have figured out these RSS doohickeys, so I’ll just keep checking in and looking at your Trek blog also. There’s a lot of meat in here, despite having few entries in the blog proper. And I’ll figure out a way to get this into text, doc, or WordPerfect format yet!

    *jeep! & God Bless!
    —Grandpa Chet

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