Your Humble Scribe

Who am I? I doubt most people would care but I am a middle aged grognard who has been wargaming for over 30 years. I began with the venerable Avalon Hill hex and counter games (the real Avalon Hill, back when AH created real historical simulation wargames, not the Hasbro wannabe replacement that turns out Risk knock-offs that wish they could be real wargames) in the mid-1970’s. Like most wargamers, I began with RPGs. I discovered D&D, Traveller and tabletop gaming all in quick succession.

In the early 1980’s I was (and remain) heavily into 6mm miniatures gaming. Tractics (GHQ), OGRE (Steve Jackson Games) and Space Marine a.k.a. Epic 40K (GW) were special favorites of mine. In college, I began playing Star Fleet Battles (ADB), Warhammer Fantasy and by the time I began grad school, Warhammer 40K. I still play all these games, so I could say that entertainment value for the dollar, I have gotten a lot out of my games collection.

I still enjoy role-playing games but the sad truth is since the demise of TSR, I have not been thrilled with the direction D&D (my all-time favorite) has been going. D20 is bogged down with too many rules, I miss the “pop-the-clutch” style of gaming from the old days. Then Gary Gygax and some friends created what I consider to be the true heir to classic AD&D, Castles & Crusades (or C&C) is role-playing the way Gygax and Arneson intended it. Rules light, lots of room for DM customization and easy to learn.

So how do I manage to keep my hobby interesting after 35 years? Well, I found a very patient woman who tolerates my nerdly obsessions. I am just embarking on a legal career, I own a home, participate in my religious community and still squeeze in the occasional game now and again. Of course, I have given up sleeping but there’s plenty of time for that when I’m dead, isn’t there? All in all, just your average Joe you meet every day. My friends and neighbors have no idea of the twisted and weird obsession that has dominated my spare time for three decades, the bizarre images, the massive armies of tiny soldiers who daily muster ever stronger in my basement, the…ummm…right … but I digress.

Anyway, this blog is my thoughts and articles for RPGs and gaming in general. I hope you enjoy what you see here.


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