The Grognard Speaks about Wizards & Fiends

Okay, time to start adding things from my DM’s notebook. Let’s start with the specialist wizards from AD&D 2nd Edition and¬† one of my¬†perennial favorites- the Witch.

I’ve always liked the idea of wizards specializing in schools of thought – magic is Chaos incarnate, to treat it as a monolithic block seems to do violence to the very idea of a Master of the Arts Arcane.

I am also beginning to post the work I’ve done with the Fiends, the Angels and other assorted monsters. I have the introduction to the Fiends of the Hellish Host up – new content to follow quickly as I am able.


The Grognard Speaks about Magic

The first of my fan supplements, the Book of Shadows is now up on the download page. Please feel free to send feedback. The wizard is an iconic FRPG class and deserves special attention. Magick comic book whiz-bang but rather the Art was power. While the whiz-bang is part of the FRPG culture, I have attempted to include some of the Art.

The Grognard Speaks!

I have been a gamer for over 35 years (YIKES!) and like many gamers, my first experience with adventure gaming was D&D. Of course, D&D was not the most logically constructed game, it had lots of quirks and warts but I loved it nonetheless. D20 came along and tried to reimagine D&D. Now, I respect the work that went into D20 but I just couldn’t get all excited about it. Too many rules, too many “feats”, too much trivia to keep track of.

Then Troll Lord Games came up with Castles & Crusades. Even better, Gary Gygax was an active contributor! At last, an updated version of the D&D game I knew and loved! This blog will take much of my old DM’s Notebook and update it for use with Castles & Crusades. I hope you like what you see.