The Grognard Speaks about Wizards & Fiends

Okay, time to start adding things from my DM’s notebook. Let’s start with the specialist wizards from AD&D 2nd Edition and¬† one of my¬†perennial favorites- the Witch.

I’ve always liked the idea of wizards specializing in schools of thought – magic is Chaos incarnate, to treat it as a monolithic block seems to do violence to the very idea of a Master of the Arts Arcane.

I am also beginning to post the work I’ve done with the Fiends, the Angels and other assorted monsters. I have the introduction to the Fiends of the Hellish Host up – new content to follow quickly as I am able.


The Grognard Speaks!

I have been a gamer for over 35 years (YIKES!) and like many gamers, my first experience with adventure gaming was D&D. Of course, D&D was not the most logically constructed game, it had lots of quirks and warts but I loved it nonetheless. D20 came along and tried to reimagine D&D. Now, I respect the work that went into D20 but I just couldn’t get all excited about it. Too many rules, too many “feats”, too much trivia to keep track of.

Then Troll Lord Games came up with Castles & Crusades. Even better, Gary Gygax was an active contributor! At last, an updated version of the D&D game I knew and loved! This blog will take much of my old DM’s Notebook and update it for use with Castles & Crusades. I hope you like what you see.