Conjurers practice a type of magic that involves bringing in matter or beings from another place. Conjuration spells produce various forms of nonliving matter. Summoning spells entice or compel creatures to come to the caster, as well as allowing the caster to channel forces from other planes. Either sort of magic is conjuration.

Because of the great power they wield, most conjurers are utterly convinced that their specialty is superior to all others. Illusion and divination are trivial, alteration and invocation are inconsequential, abjuration and enchantment are too weak, and necromancy is too repulsive. Though tending toward smugness and arrogance, conjurers are also confident, courageous, and bright.

Conjurers tend to rely on summoned creatures to perform difficult tasks for them; hence, many conjurers grow flabby as the years pass. Many consider conjurers to be downright lazy.

Conjurers recognize the importance of keeping evil in check, and most are of good alignment. Evil conjurers flourish, however, particularly those who maintain contact with evil entities summoned from other planes of existence.

Conjurers speak their minds freely and have little patience for the opinions of those they consider inferior; it takes a leader of proven worth and unyielding strength to earn the respect of a conjurer. In an adventuring party, conjurers tend to prefer action to discussion, and attacking to negotiating. Conjurers relish every opportunity for combat in order to demonstrate their power.

Since conjurers have little interest in associating with common people, they prefer to live in isolated areas of the countryside. Most consider children a nuisance, so even the few conjurers who marry typically remain childless by choice.

Aside from magical research, conjurers shun all activities that would normally constitute a career or occupation. When funds are low, conjurers can always summon creatures to fetch treasure for them


SPELLS: A Wizard casts arcane spells, though abjuration magic is inherently different from the wizard’s requiring a unique spell list. Like a wizard though, a Wizard is limited to a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. The Arcane Spells Per Day Table shows the number of spells per day an Wizard may cast. A Wizard must prepare spells before casting them, by studying spells from a spell book. While studying, the Wizard decides which spells to prepare. Spell memorization and descriptions are in the Magic section of the Players’ Handbook.

BONUS SPELLS: With a high intelligence score, a Wizard gains bonus spells. If the character has an intelligence of 13-15, they receive an extra 1st-level spell. If the intelligence score is 16 or 17, they receive an extra 2nd-level spell and if 18 or 19, they receive an extra 3rd level spell. The bonus spells accrue only if the Wizard is at a high enough level to cast that spell level. Bonus spells are cumulative.

For example, a 4th-level Wizard with an 18 intelligence receives four 0-level spells, four 1st-level spells, and three 2nd-level spells. No bonus 3rd-level spell is acquired until the Wizard reaches 5th-level

Enhanced Summoning: At 1st-level, each creature conjured with any Summon spell (except Summon Familiar) gains a +4 enhancement bonus to their Physical attributes for the duration of the spell that summoned it. At 5th-level, the conjurer’s summoned creatures become particularly tough to dispel; add 2 to the CL of any Intelligence check made to dispel the conjurer’s summoned creatures, at 15th-level, this addition to the CL increases to 4.

Spontaneous Summoning: Conjurers can “lose” a prepared spell to cast any summon monster spell of a lower level. For example, a conjurer who has prepared a 4th-level spell, may lose that spell to cast summon lesser monster


SECOND ATTRIBUTE: Constitution 14+



WEAPONS: Club, dagger, dart, staff




SECOND OPPOSED SCHOOL (choose one): Evocation or Alteration


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