Theurgists focus magical energies to provide protection. This protection can take a number of forms, including warding off specific types of weapons or creatures and discouraging or dispelling enemies. The school also includes a variety of spells involving avoidance and repellence. Theurgist’s spells concentrate on eliminating or hindering sources of potential harm rather than repairing damage.

Concerned with protection, Theurgists have a deep reverence for life. They are attracted to philosophies stressing compassion and selflessness. Accordingly, most Theurgists are of good alignment. Evil-aligned Theurgists are often toadies of an intimidating evil warrior or in the service of a more powerful wizard of another school. Theurgists tend to be thoughtful, orderly, gentle-natured, and soft-spoken, going out of their way not to attract attention.

Of all the wizards, Theurgists seem to have the strongest family ties. Theurgists take comfort in the security of marriage and often choose their mates at an early age; many Theurgists have ten or more offspring. Owing to their mastery of protective forces, Theurgists tend to live to a ripe old age; it’s not unusual to find Theurgists well into their eighties in adventuring parties.

Theurgists make their homes anywhere, but prefer small villages to large cities. Because of their kind hearts and generous spirits, Society in general holds Theurgists in high esteem. Theurgists commonly earn a living as guides, bodyguards, merchants, and teachers


SPELLS: A Wizard casts arcane spells, though abjuration magic is inherently different from the wizard’s requiring a unique spell list. Like a wizard though, a Wizard is limited to a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. The Arcane Spells Per Day Table shows the number of spells per day an Wizard may cast. A Wizard must prepare spells before casting them, by studying spells from a spell book. While studying, the Wizard decides which spells to prepare. Spell memorization and descriptions are in the Magic section of the Players’ Handbook.

BONUS SPELLS: With a high intelligence score, a Wizard gains bonus spells. If the character has an intelligence of 13-15, they receive an extra 1st-level spell. If the intelligence score is 16 or 17, they receive an extra 2nd-level spell and if 18 or 19, they receive an extra 3rd level spell. The bonus spells accrue only if the Wizard is at a high enough level to cast that spell level. Bonus spells are cumulative.

For example, a 4th-level Wizard with an 18 intelligence receives four 0-level spells, four 1st-level spells, and three 2nd-level spells. No bonus 3rd-level spell is acquired until the Wizard reaches 5th-level

Aura of Protection (Intelligence): A Theurgist deals in protective magic. Once per day, a Theurgist can generate a protective aura that shields against both physical and magical attacks. When the theurgist generates this field, they gain a +1 deflection bonus to their Armor Class and a resistance bonus on all saving throws. This ability requires one round to activate, and each use protects against only one attack or spell. Once activated, the protective aura lasts for one turn or until a foe attacks the theurgist forces him to make a saving throw, whichever comes first. The bonus increases to +2 at 4th level, +3 at 7th level, +4 at 10th level, +5 at 13th level and +6 at 16th level.

Spontaneous Dispelling: A Theurgist gains the ability to cast spontaneously the spell Dispel Magic. The theurgist can “lose” four or more levels of prepared spells to cast Dispel Magic. The prepared spells can be of any level or combination of levels as long as the total spell levels add up to four or more (0-level spells don’t count). For example, a theurgist could lose two 2nd-level spells or one 1st-level spell and one 3rd-level spell to cast Dispel Magic.





WEAPONS: Club, dagger, dart, staff




SECOND OPPOSED SCHOOL (choose one): Illusion or Divination



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