WitchThe witch is one of the most enduring archetypes of spell-caster in the world; even today people believe that some among us can call upon the power of spirits to work magical powers. The witch has been seen as a healer, a diabolist, a spiritist and a medium. For our purposes we will accept all four views as valid. Secretive, isolated, and often subjected to superstition and fear, witches often work alone, living hermit-like existences on the fringes of civilization. Others work in secret covens with others of like mind and spirituality, proving themselves either a bane or boon to those dwelling within reach of their influence. Although most covens and individual witches avoid forming too many associations with others, a few have some associations with local druids.

Like clerics and druids, witches draw their mystical power from otherworldly sources, be they the untamed spirits of nature, or the dark powers of demons and devils. Indeed, a sizable number of witches are wicked, willingly serving supernatural evils in exchange for power, and it is these that have led to the fear, deserved or otherwise, surrounding nearly all witches. For every witch quietly living in seclusion, or serving an isolated village as a wise woman or healer, there is a dark witch, all too willing to curse, control, and bring ruin to others.

The magic of witches are generally quite subtle, those of influence and divination, as well as powers to bless, curse, heal, harm, or control the natural world. Though these magics lack much of the raw power employed by clerics and druids, they are not to be underestimated, especially given the witch’s command of sympathetic magic. With access to a victim’s possessions, or even a fragment of a victim, and a little time to prepare, a witch can cast spells that are more difficult for the victim to resist, and can range far indeed.

The vast majority of witches are women, few males finding themselves drawn to witchcraft. The athame, the ritual dagger used by all witches, is the only means of mundane defense witches employ, and it also serves them as the divine focus of their magics as well. Rare is the witch that seeks adventure


SPELLS: A witch casts divine and arcane spells. The spells available are listed on the witch spell list. Each witch can cast a limited number of spells from each spell level per day. The Cleric and Druid Spells Per Day Table shows the number of spells per day a witch may cast for each spell level. Witches prepare and cast spells by praying for them. This process is covered in greater detail in the Magic section.

BONUS SPELLS: High wisdom indicates a greater divine or spiritual connection to their deities, so witches with high wisdom gain bonus spells. If the character has a wisdom of between 13-15, they receive an extra 1st level spell. If the wisdom score is 16 or 17, they receive an extra 2nd level spell and if 18 or 19, they receive an extra 3rd level spell. Bonus spells are cumulative. Bonus spells can only be acquired if the witch is at a high enough level to cast them.

For example, a 4th level witch with an 18 wisdom receives four 0 level spells, four 1st level spells and three 2nd level spells. No bonus 3rd level spell is acquired until the witch reaches 5th level.

POISONS (Intelligence): A witch can identify and make poisons and antitoxins. A witch can identify a poison or antitoxin on a successful check. To make a poison or antitoxin, the witch needs some alchemical equipment and raw materials costing one third of the street value of the poison or antitoxin to be made. A witch’s training in the use of poison means that a witch never risks accidental poisoning when applying poison to a blade. Moreover, witchs train with poisons of all types, and they slowly grow more resistant to their effects. This is reflected by a +1 bonus to saving throws versus poisons gained. This saving throw is gained at 3rd level. Some common poisons, their effects and costs are listed below:

Type Effects
I  Mild poisons that cause skin irritation, drowsiness, nausea and similar effects.
II  Mind altering concoctions that cause hallucinations, confusion, memory loss and similar effects.
III  Serious poisons that impair abilities and cause minor damage.
IV  Severe toxins that can incapacitate, cripple, or cause major damage.
V  Deadly poisons that cause permanent damage or kill.
VI  Rare potions or substances that cause massive permanent damage or kill.



I 5gp no effect -1 physical attributes, -1 initiative for 1-3 days
II 15gp no effect -1 mental attributes, -1 initiative for 1-3 days
III 45gp 1d4 dmg, -1 all secondary attributes for 1-2 days 1d8 dmg, -2 all primary attributes for 2-6 days
IV 150gp 1d8 dmg, -1 all attribute checks for 2-4 days 150gp 2d8 dmg, comatose for 3-9 days
V 900gp 1d10 dmg, perm. lose 1 point from class’s secondary attribute Death*** or 2d12 dmg & perm. loose  2 points from class’s primary attribute
VI 1800gp 4d10 dmg, perm. lose 1 point from all primary attributes, 2 points from all secondary attributes Instant Death

** Saves are made against constitution, all attribute and level bonuses are added.

***Requires second save against constitution, failure means death, success means damage.

Summon Spirit Guide: Once a witch reaches 3rd level, she can summon her spirit guide once a month on the new moon. Evil witches will summon an evil outsider, neutral witches will summon a neutral outsider and good witches will summon a good outsider. The level of outsider that can be summoned depends on the number of witches attending the ceremony called by various names – a sabbat, a conventicle, or a circle depending on alignment and coven tradition. One HD of outsider may be summoned per witch present. Only one Outsider may be summoned though that outsider may Gate in others if it so chooses.

Brew Potion (Intelligence): At 3rd level, the witch gets the ability to brew one magical potion each day, with herbs and compounds found in the environment. Brewing such a potion costs almost nothing, but takes one hour and a successful Intelligence check (CL=3, increasing by one +2 for any additional potion made that same day). Such potion remains potent for 1 day per three levels of the witch (rounded down). At 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th level, the witch learns one potion formula from the following: Aid, Clairaudience/clairvoyance, Cure light wounds, Fly, Invisibility, Love, Neutralize poison, and Remove disease.

Witch’s Curse: At 5th level, the witch gets a spell-like ability similar to Bestow Curse spell that can affect a single creature of no more HD than the witch has levels. The witch adds her Charisma modifier to this spell-like ability’s CL. At 5th to 11th level the witch can use this ability once per day; at 12th level and thereafter she can use this ability twice per day.

Second Sight: All witches have the “sight”, a sort of limited ability as a soothsayer. Once per game day, the player of the witch character may ask the Castle Keeper up to three “yes or no” questions that the Keeper must answer truthfully.

ALIGNMENT: Any Non-Lawful


WEAPONS: Club, dagger, dart, staff


ABILITIES: Brew Potion, Witch’s Curse, Poison, Second Sight, Summon Spirit Guide, Spell Casting

 Witch Experience Progression





d4 0



d4 +1



d4 +1



d4 +1



d4 +1



d4 +2



d4 +2



d4 +2



d4 +2



d4 +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3



+1 HP +3


Witch Spell List

Spell List


1. Cure Minor Wounds

2. Dancing Lights

3. Detect Good/Evil/Law/Chaos

4. Detect Illusion

5. Detect Magic

6. Detect Poison

7. Endure Elements

8. Influence

9. Light

10. Mending

11. Message

12. Purify Food and Drink

13. Prestidigitation


1. Animal Friendship

2. Bless

3. Calm Animals

4. Change Self

5. Command

6. Faerie Fire

7. Goodberry

8. Obscuring Mist

9. Protection from Good/Evil/Law

10. Sanctuary

11. Sleep

12. Summon Familiar

13. Unseen Servant


1. Animal Messenger

2. Augury

3. Charm Person or Animal

4. Cure Light Wounds

5. Delay Poison

6. Fog Cloud

7. Hold Animal orPerson

8. Locate Object

9. Misdirection

10. Scare

11. See Invisibility

12. Speak with Animals

13. Speak with Dead


1. Animate Dead

2. Clairaudience/Clairvoyance

3. Fly

4. Magic Circle

5. Neutralize Poison

6. Nondetection

7. Plant Growth

8. Remove/Cause Blindness/Deafness

9. Remove/Bestow Curse

10. Remove Disease

11. Speak With Plants

12. Suggestion

13. Tongues


1. Charm Monster

2. Control Weather

3. Confusion

4. Cure Serious Wounds

5. Detect Scrying

6. Dispel Magic

7. Divination

8. Emotion

9. Fear

10. Locate Creature

11. Scrying

12. Seeming

13. Summon Animals


1. Animal Growth

2. Awaken

3. Control Winds

4. Dream

5. Cure Critical Wounds

6. Ice Storm

7. Insect Plague

8. Nightmare

9. Polymorph

10. Summon Beasts or Plants

11. True Seeing

12. Wall of Flame

13. Wall of Thorns


1. Commune

2. Control Weather

3. Create Undead

4. Find the Path

5. Geas

6. Legend Lore

7. Summon Elemental

8. Veil


1. Creeping Doom

2. Discern Location

3. Greater Scrying

4. Heal

5. Insanity

6. Mass Charm

7. Sequester

8. Vision


1. Animal Shapes

2. Antipathy

3. Command Plants

4. Finger of Death

5. Polymorph Any Object

6. Regenerate

7. Summon Planar Ally

8. Symbol


1. Astral Projection

2. Earthquake

3. Gate

4. Mind Blank

5. Shapechange

6. Storm of Vengeance

7. Summon Elemental Swarm

8. Trap Soul


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