Behind the Curtain:

The standard C&C/D&D cosmology fits poorly into the medieval setting laid out in the Chronicles of the Banestorm. The Banestorm campaign setting is decidedly monotheistic, there is simply no need for dozens of demon princes, and arch-devils competing with one another as the forces of evil have their hands full with the Heavenly Host (see the Angels).

Students of Folklore will notice that many of the named fiends in the game come directly from Jewish and Christian religious works, so it made sense to reorganize the Nether Realm into a form more in keeping with the original source material. This meant some great demons (such as Demogorgon) required demotion to the level of mere Powers. Most of the Arch-devils retained their status as Principalities, although Asmodeus returns to his rightful place as the Chancellor of Hell and His Satanic Majesty has returned to his rightful, G-d-given place as the Champion of Evil and Ultimate Arch-Enemy of Mankind. Also gone are the literally dozens of “outer planes” – there is the material world and its inner planes and the Heavens above and the Hells below.

The DM might also consider that in the Jewish tradition, Lucifer the Satan (pronounced Sah-taan) is the angel charged with tempting humanity. He is not in rebellion against G-d (since as an angel he has no free will) but G-d created him as man’s adversary so that man will merit Divine Reward when he resists Lucifer’s blandishments. In the Hebrew, Satan is not a proper name but rather a title meaning “adversary”. His proper name, in Hebrew, is Samael (literally Blind to G-d).

General Information about the Hellish Host

The orders of demons in order of ascending power are:

  1. Lost Souls – the Lost and the Damned
  2. Petty Demons – the lesser beasts of Hell
  3. Infernal Warriors – Foot soldiers of the Hellish Host
  4. Tempters – Demons of Carnality & Demons of Wealth and Power
  5. Furies – Avengers of Sin
  6. Destroyers – Demons of Fire & Darkness
  7. Chevalier L’Enfer – The Chivalry of Hell
  8. Fallen Angels – Nobles of Hell
  9. Powers – Great Lords of the Hellish Host
  10. Principalities – Princes of the Hellish Host
  11. His Satanic Majesty

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